Online casino in Slovakia

Online casino in Slovakia are regulated by the Gambling Act, which came into force in 2019. According to the text of the document, legal entities registered in the EU or economic Eurozone are entitled to obtain a licence. A relevant department under the Ministry of Finance, URHH, has been set up to regulate the gambling sector. The regulator’s work is financed by an additional 0.7% of online casino revenues. In addition, a tax of 22% is levied.

Legal online casino sites must be registered exclusively in the “.sk” domain. Depending on the type of license, it is granted for 5 or 10 years. It can be renewed almost automatically, provided that the relevant application is submitted in due time (60-90 days prior to the expiry of the licence). The share capital is at least EUR 1.7 million.

The main currency in Slovak online casinos is euro. A number of resources allows accounts in other currencies (Czech krone, dollar).

Besides standard interface in Slovak language, many sites also have Czech versions.

It is not forbidden by law to play on illegal online casino that do not have a national license. However, such sites are blocked by state authorities. The list of blocked resources is regularly updated and published on URHH portal.

Licensed casinos

Since 2019, more than 100 companies have received an official state licence to conduct gambling activities. However, the list of legal online casino is significantly narrower. As of May 2022, it includes 14 legal entities. They are divided into two groups according to the type of licence obtained.

  1. Separate online casino license with a validity period of up to 10 years;
  2. A combined licence for several gaming activities, including online casino (for 5 years);

Registration and Sign-Up

The online casino website has a registration form. The button is usually highlighted in bright colours at the top right of the homepage. After clicking on it the form opens where you need to enter your personal details correctly:

  • name, surname;
  • date of birth;
  • place of residence, nationality;
  • phone number, email,

You also need to provide a password and (if provided for by the online casino rules) a username. After registering you will need to confirm your account by SMS or email.
A login (phone number, e-mail) and password are required for the subsequent login. Some sites allow a faster login via social network accounts.

Verify Casino Account

Once you sign up you will be verified by phone or email. Additional user identification by sending a scan of documents (ID, passport) will be required before the first withdrawal.

Resume Casino Deposit

To transfer funds to the gaming account must go to your personal cabinet. Here you select the method of transferring the money and the amount. Each casino sets the minimum and maximum amounts that can be transferred a certain way, as well as the amount of commissions for each option. Funds are usually credited instantly.

Among available deposit methods are Visa, MasterCard, bank transfers and electronic payment systems (Neteller, Skrill, etc.). Non-licensed casinos may use alternative instruments (e.g. cryptocurrency).

Casino Withdrawals

To withdraw funds in your personal cabinet you need to specify the selected financial instrument and the amount. Many casinos allow withdrawals only in the same way as the deposit. Sites set minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. Active players and VIP users have higher withdrawal limits.

Withdrawal usually takes a maximum of a few hours and is often almost instantaneous. In some cases, delays of up to 5 days may occur; these situations are covered in the financial section of the casino rules.
Money from the bonus account can usually be withdrawn only after wagering with the specified wager.

Blocking your account

For violation of the rules casino administration has the right to block any user. All such situations are specified on the site in the appropriate section. In particular, blocking is provided in the following cases:

  • 22providing false (or someone else’s) passport data;
  • registration of double account (multi-account);
  • using another person’s payment card or wallet;
  • fraudulent activity;
  • 22interfering with software;
  • 22using casinos for money laundering, terrorist financing, etc.

The user also has the right to request the blocking of his/her account (see below).

Casino restrictions in Slovakia

The following restrictions apply to the registration and use of casinos in Slovakia

  1. It is forbidden to register and provide access to minors. Operators are required to strictly enforce this rule. Withdrawals are only possible after verification with ID card.
  2. It is forbidden to register mentally ill, addicted persons and people with certain systematic diseases.
  3. It is not allowed to register persons receiving social support, scholarships, alimony for children with disabilities, etc.
  4. 22All casinos in Slovakia are required to post on their websites detailed rules with a full list of restrictions and a description of responsible gaming regulations.
  5. It is also forbidden to allow persons on the register of self-excluded players to play.

Any casino user can apply to be added to the self-excluded list, which prohibits access to gambling sites and venues. It is only possible to apply to be removed from this register after six months. All citizens on the list are banned from registering and playing at any casinos.

Gambling machines online for money

All licensed casinos in Slovakia allow users to play video slots for money. The choice of providers is not very large. The most popular ones include:

  • Playtech;
  • Rarestore Gaming;
  • e-Gaming;
  • Apollo Games;
  • Tech4bet;
  • SYNOT;
  • KAJOT.

Popular with Slovak players are the following slots:

  • Respin Joker;
  • Buffalo Blitz;
  • Starburst;
  • Berry Bonanza;
  • Fruit Awards;

Benefits of playing with real money

Only by playing for real money can the user take advantage of all of the casino’s features. By placing a responsible bet, the player enjoys the excitement, the risk and the opportunity to win a decent amount. The jackpots played in the gaming networks allow you to count on very large winnings – up to hundreds of thousands and millions of euros.

Playing for money at an online casino offers the user additional benefits:

  • the ability to adjust the bet size very widely;
  • 22and the possibility to use a comfortable mode, to interrupt or resume the game at any time, to have a drink and so on;
  • high security of financial transactions;
  • a wide range of slots and other entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a quick casino account?

Some online casino sites allow for quick registration through a mobile phone or social media account. Once you register, you need to fill in the data in your personal cabinet and get verified.

Can I win at the casino?

Each slot machine has a software-defined rate of return (RTP). Depending on the slot, it ranges around 94-98%. Thus, out of every €1,000 set by the players, they get €940-980. Therefore, online casino visitors have a good chance of winning. Most of the money lost by users is won by other players.

How to find a licensed casino in Slovakia?

A list of all licensed casinos in Slovakia is available on the regulator’s portal. This list is regularly updated. You can also find out about all legal Slovak casinos on our website.

What should I do if I don’t receive money from the casino?

In case of delays in receiving funds, contact the technical support of the site. Describe the problem and specify the parameters of the ordered withdrawal. Additional verification with copies of your documents may be required. Please note that the standard withdrawal term for a number of financial instruments is 5 days (in some cases longer).

What to do if the casino denies the payment?

You can complain about illegal actions of the casino on the website of the national regulator You need to describe the problem in detail and all the circumstances of what happened.